Apple MacBook Pro Core i9 2.9 GHz 15" Touch (Mid-2018) (MR932LL/A) | 16GB 512GB-(SSD) | Grade-C

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 Apple MacBook Pro i9 2.9GHz 15" (Mid-2018) (MR932LL/A) | 16GB 512GB-(SSD) | Good


C: This device is in good working condition and might have cosmetic blemishes that are more moderate, such as housing chips, dents, scratches, discoloration or removed engravings, but will not require replacement or repair. Product LCD may have blemishes that are noticeable during normal operation, such as dead pixels, scratches, keyboard abrasions, or delamination.

Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale

If you experience issues with an item you receive, please contact us first! Most issues get resolved without opening a return request. Send us a message in eBay or give us a call.

Order Includes:


Charging cable and AC adapter (if applicable). Apple Desktops will include a Keyboard and mouse. Included accessories may be 3rd party.

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